Christopher Clarey in The New York Times on Wimbledon Prize Money

In today’s The New York Times online, Christopher Clarey reports on the increases in prize money at Wimbledon, especially for the early round losers. Clarey reports that in 2013 a first round loser at Wimbledon will walk off the grass court with 23,500 GBPs, or about $35,875.  This is great and much of the credit should go to Roger Federer, who is the head of the ATP players council.

The Wimbledon program for 1963—the 75th anniversary of Wimbledon— says that the winner of the ladies’ singles championship—who was an Australian girl named Margaret Smith—received a voucher worth 15 GBPs (about $300 in today’s American dollars) and a small replica of the Challenge Trophy. Speaking of first round losers, here’s my photo of the American Alexa Glatch on Court 14 playing Petra Kvitova in the first round in 2011.  Kvitova won 6-2, 6-2, but it was a much better match than the score might suggest.

First Round 21 June 2011

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