A Telegram


Two weeks after I played Claire at Longwood, I was at Smith waiting for an afternoon chemistry lab to get started, when a girl from Emerson House came in and told me that I had received a telegram. She had seen it when she had gone back to the house for lunch. I instantly cut the lab, ran as fast as I could along the path under the trees back to the house, burst through the door, found my telegram on the front hall table, and tore it open.

Telegram from Roehampton tennis tournament to Fiona in Bermuda

I screamed at the top of my lungs, “YES! YES!” I was jumping up and down in the hallway. The house matron came out of the kitchen. “Fiona, a young man must have proposed to you. That’s the only thing that could make you so happy. Congratulations!”

From The Tennis Player from Bermuda

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